Speedrite Electric Perimeter Security Systems

Safety and reliability should be the number one considerations when selecting a perimeter electric fence solution. You want to ensure that potential intruders are deterred through the use of a safe, non-lethal electric pulse. You also want to ensure installer safety through selecting products that are designed to protect those engaged in the installation of these systems.

For Speedrite, safety as well as effective deterrence and detection is paramount.

As a result, our systems have been selected to protect a wide range of properties globally. Applications include residential estates and condominium complexes, manufacturers and distributors, airport facilities, utilities, car yards, self storage sites and corrections facilities.


Speedrite delivers

A secure first line of defence - safe, effective deterrence and detection

  • Stops unauthorized access to property
  • Ensures public safety and duty of care by preventing unintentional access
  • Protects against theft, vandalism and escape
  • Establishes a psychological and physical barrier
  • Complies to international electric fence safety standards – for user and installer.

Superior design and engineering

  • Provides instant location of interference on protected perimeter areas
  • Divided zones enable immediate location of disturbances
  • The Speedrite Keypad provides for easy on-site control of alarm zones
  • Reduced risk of false alarms as designed to identify interference caused by environmental conditions, weather or wildlife
  • High quality, UV resistant materials ensure long life, reliable performance even in the world’s harshest environments.

Flexibility and value

  • Perimeter fence appearance can be made appropriate for surroundings
  • Future proofed – able to expand and upgrade according to ongoing requirements
  • Install as a standalone system or interface with integrated security systems
  • Cost effective to run and lowers overheads by reducing requirement for onsite security personnel.


You are safe with Speedrite.