Market Applications

Australian High Commission

Port Moresby: Papua New Guinea

A four sector remote control and monitoring system using Speedrite EMX security units powers an electric fence on the wall around the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

Alarms from the fence system and gates are monitored from a remote central station 24 hours a day.

In addition to the alarms the power supply to the fence and various tamper devices are also monitored. All fence control comes from the monitoring station that has the ability to activate or isolate the entire fence or any individual sector.

In this lightning prone area surge arrestors are incorporated to protect the system controls and a special coated wire has been used that can tolerate the corrosive environment and ensure a long term high level fence line performance from the energizer units.

Car Yard Security


Watson Holden is one of the premier Holden dealerships in Victoria and at any time has new vehicles worth in excess of AUS$8m on site.

In spite of electronic surveillance thieves repeatedly raided the site, the expensive Mag wheels and high performance tyres of the HSV models being the most common target. Further more the raids often caused external damage to the vehicles.

In March 2003 an integrated security system was designed for the site where any alarm from an outer electric security fence was interfaced with lights, CCTV cameras, sirens, and loud speakers through which warnings from the monitoring station could be broadcast.

Within days of completion the fence was cut but the raid was aborted as the system activated. Another four raids were repelled without loss before the gang were finally apprehended by the police.

The security system has worked well for Watson Holden and other dealers in Victoria are now following their example.

Residential Estate Security

Violent crime in the many cities around the world has led to the development of residential estates built within the secure confines of substantial physical barriers topped with electric security fencing systems monitored 24 hours a day by the on-site security guards.

This example from South Africa has a 5 km perimeter with a nine wire walltop electric fence organised into six sectors. Each sector is powered and monitored by an energizer monitor unit linked by radio to the security guard house.

The fence system is also linked to CCTV cameras and in the guard house a graphic display and local alarm immediately guides the security guards to the location of any attempted intrusion on the perimeter.

Remote Repeater Station Security

TELCOM : BRAZIL 200 Remote Mountain Top Sites

In 2003 Telcom commenced a programme of upgrading security on 200 Repeater Stations critical to maintaining the telecommunications network in Brazil. The sites are unmanned and many are located on remote mountains.

Electric security fencing featuring Speedrite EMXs was selected as the front line protection for these sites. The technology was chosen partly because it is a deterrent and partly because Telcom can monitor the fence systems from control rooms in distant cities.

Most of all however the technology was chosen because of its environmental tolerance and resultant reliability. In the extreme conditions on these sites no other external security system can match the continuous trouble-free operation offered by electric security fencing.