Your property perimeter is your first line of defence.
But only if it is properly secured, does it become a point of strength and protection.

Is your property at risk to access by would-be thieves or vandals? Or could contained individuals potentially escape… Through a fence? Over a wall? Through the roof?

An electric perimeter security system works as a safe but active deterrent to potential intruders or escapees looking to access property through one of these vulnerable points.

It offers a physical barrier in the form of a perimeter, wall or roof top fence with wires that are also electrified to give increased protection and a greater level of deterrence. Electrification also enables instant detection and fast location of attempted or actual breaches.

There are other benefits as well. An electric perimeter security system is effective in:

  • Protecting the public and staff from hazardous areas
  • Facilitating compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Helping reduce liability should injury occur as a result of unauthorized access

Damage and loss through theft and vandalism can go well beyond actual financial cost. It can impact on time, productivity, health and wellbeing. It can even cost lives. Show would-be intruders, your customers, the public, authorities and your insurance company that you are serious about security, safety and ensuring peace of mind.

Secure your perimeter access points today!



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